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More Information on Fingerprinting



  Here are some scenarios that are either being talked about, currently in the legislative process, or actually already exist.  We'll add to this list as we discover more.

A few US states including Colorado and California deny a state ID or driver's license to anyone who won't submit to fingerprinting.  What would your life be like if you were denied a driver's license?  Without a strong biometric privacy law, Alaska could be next.   A recent proposal by NY Senator Chuck Schumer and SC Senator Lindsey Graham would require all Americans to be fingerprinted to hold ANY job under a new Federal national workers biometric ID card.


TODAY,  in Alaska and across the nation, anyone unwilling to submit their fingerprints to foreign data-mining firm Reed Elsevier "for identification" is banned from taking the CPA and other exams.

A US passport and driver's license (even together) are said to be "inadequate for identification", even though those very same documents have to be provided to verify the individual's identity for the purpose of taking the fingerprints to begin with. 

Yes, you're right, that's very Orwellian.  Contradictory logic that makes stupid sound smart.

SAT exam administrators considered mandating children taking the SAT exam be required to provide their fingerprints, but feared parents would resist the fingerprinting of their children

PearsonVue test centers in Alaska already requires fingerprinting and vein scanning** as ID for the GMAT Grad School entrance exam.  This is done even if a US passport is presented as ID.

**radiation is shot through the test taker's hand to take a digital map of the configuration of their veins

Los Angeles Unified School District Superintendent Mr. Cortines announced that he is rolling out a mandatory fingerprinting of all low-income school children - or they will be denied subsidized lunches.

The City of Peoria, Arizona is considering instituting a law that would require individuals picking up their prescriptions at the pharmacy be fingerprinted…or they will be denied their medicine.

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